November pre-order updates – Midnight Rose Emporium Ltd
Please allow some extra delivery time for your order due to Coronavirus delays. Thank you.
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November pre-order updates

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A quick blog post here with some updated arrival dates for pre-orders. Please note these dates are when the products are due in with our suppliers, we receive the products shortly after these dates and will try our best to ship them all the same day.

November 10th:

Iron Maiden Book of Souls Box

November 11th: 

Mystical Suncatchers - Vampire Tears Candles

November 13th: 

Spirits of Salem Figurine - Siren's Lament Figurine 

November 17th - 

Snowy Magic Owl Figurine - Reaper's Flight Owl Figurine - Mother Earth Art Statue

November 20th - 

Cut out oil burners - black skull oil burner - white skull oil burner 

November 24th - 

Purrah Figurine - Quasi, Edo, Laverne, Hugo, Victor, Adalward Grotesque Figurines 

November 30th - 

Coffin Wine Shelf - Hanging Cauldron Oil Burners 

COVID-19 has had such a big impact on some shipments getting to our suppliers, which in turn has greatly affected us small businesses, so we really appreciate your patience waiting for your orders to become available.

** Pre-order Updates **

Due to people not checking release dates prior to ordering and deciding to open PayPal claims for items not received, there is now a 10% cancellation fee for cancelling a pre-order. This applies to any pre-orders placed from November 1st onwards and has been updated in our Terms and Conditions.




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  • Lynn Kirk on

    Thanks for the delivery update on your website looking forward to receiving it xx

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