Preorder FAQ

Current pre-order expected arrival dates;

Anne Stokes Elemental Magic Figurines: March 2023
Anne Stokes Dragons of the Sabbats Wall Plaques: March 2023
Updated 26/01/2023


Pre-orders are available for selected pre-release products that I expect to be popular. Accepting pre-orders on these items gives me a good idea of how many i’ll need to order in, and also gives the same information to the manufacturer, the more demand for a product – the more they create!

How do i pre-order?
You can find all current pre-order products in the ‘coming soon’ category. Simply add to your cart and checkout as normal, please note that full payment is required at the point of ordering, though you can still use Clearpay or Klarna as with regular orders.
Why pre-order?

A lot of items sell out with the supplier upon their first release, pre-ordering guarantees you get the product as soon as it’s available.

Offering pre-orders is also the best way to discover how popular a product or range will be, and manufacturers can use this information to adjust stock levels accordingly. If an item is super popular with pre-orders before it’s first release, it’s likely to be restocked faster!

When do I pay for my pre-order?

Pre-orders work the same as normal orders, simply add your pre-order listing to your cart and complete checkout as normal. If you pay with Clearpay or Klarna please be aware your payments may all be completed before the item arrives in stock. This does not affect your rights to return an unwanted item.

Can I order in stock items with pre-orders?

Yes, however any in stock items will be held in reserve until your pre-order becomes available so the order can be dispatched together. If you want to receive your non pre-order items straight away please place separate orders.

What if i pre-order multiple Items on one order?

If your order contains more than one pre-order item, it will be held until all items become available and dispatched together.

General Info about pre-ordering;

You can cancel a pre-order at any time up until the day of release, there is a 20% cancellation fee for cancelling a pre-order that will be deducted from your refund.

Every item will have an estimated release/restock date on the individual listings, these dates are not set in stone and pre-orders can sometimes get delayed due to circumstances beyond our control such as shipping delays, manufacturing delays etc, the COVID pandemic has also had a massive effect on stock shipments.

The release date will be updated on each item listing once we receive any notification of changes/delays, so if the expected date for your pre-order has passed, please check the listing to see if the date has changed. You can also email us at any time for an update.

Rest assured, once you have pre-ordered a product then you are guaranteed to get it from the first delivery we receive, even if it gets delayed.

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